Forest Café, Bristo Place, Edinburgh

Forest Cafe, Bistro Place, Edinburgh

By Kira Weir

As some of you may or may not be aware The Forest Cafe is facing closure.

Safe havens such as this for the creative community are few and far between. Many consider this a massive loss to the city. Forest Cafe has been a space for local skaters to kick back and hide from the rain, an exhibition space for Edinburgh’s extroverted artistes and a live music venue for buskers who are hoping to “pull a Jefferson” and move on up to a deluxe stage  inside.

This neat little building  offers a place to crack open a bottle of wine (or can of Strongbow) for small corkage fee. You can also get a bite to eat, brought to you by volunteers and served on donated crockery.

Miranda Heggie, who is reading music at Edinburgh University, explained that,

“To be honest, the Forest Cafe wasn’t really my scene, but I would be very sad to see it go. It was very much an Edinburgh institution and a fantastic forum for aspiring young artists.”

There are many who may not frequent the Forest cafe, but most young Edinburgh natives will have visited the venue at some point in their teenage years. It’s like a rite of initiation. And without it there will be many more lost and slightly confused souls on the streets.

Places like this are rare, especially in a cosmopolitan city such as the capital. And just as in the Amazonian rainforests, there lie many undiscovered resources and it houses a fragile ecosystem of bohemian beauties.  The closure of the Forest Cafe will be mourned like the felling of a tree to make way for a three-story car park…how many will chain themselves to the gates?


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